Our Values

Our six values; Customer focus, Teamwork,  Simplicity, Cost conscious, Respect and Discipline, are central to everything we do every day. Do you recognize yourself in these values, then take a look at our vacancies now!

Customer Focus
Employees at Action know that it is all about happy customers. They provide a high quality service within the organization’s guidelines.


Employees at Action are all aware of the costs that come with their role. They are always keen on finding ways to save money and/or time.


Employees at Action work together effectively to achieve common goals. They share information and knowledge and help each other without being asked.


Employees at Action are very practical and goal oriented. They deliver what was agreed upon and keep to their word.


Employees at Action are practical and goal oriented. They try to keep things as simple as possible.


Employees at Action communicate and work together with respect for each other and our customers. They are honest, reliable and keep to their promises.