Reach the top with Action

Action is growing fast – in fact we’re the fastest growing retail chain in Europe. In October 2016, we celebrated the opening of our 750th store; now we’re at over 1100 and counting. And our ambitions for the future are big. We want to reach the top.

Do you want to reach the top too?

Then come and work at Action. It’s as straightforward as it sounds. We stand for simplicity and not making things harder than they have to be. Thanks to strong growth, we are continuously looking for ambitious, talented people for every part of our organisation. People with a hands-on mentality who want to achieve something both at work and in their private lives. Not everyone has to want to become a director, of course, but if you work hard, think big and make a positive contribution, you’ll have every chance to grow and rise up the organisation. And not just up, because we also offer opportunities to develop yourself broadly as well.

We reach for the top together

Your development begins with good workplace training by colleagues, mentors and leaders. Then there’s our training department, which offers in-house training to our employees. The Action Academy offers educational programmes for employees, and a special management programme for (assistant) store managers and team leaders in our distribution centres. On top of this, our training advisor is ready to help you develop a training or educational programme that is tailored around your needs.


Your career at Action begins with an introductory onboarding programme. This will help you quickly get to know the company and everything we do. If you are going to be working at our HQ, then you’ll spend at least a week working in our stores (in your country and/or elsewhere in Europe). We’ll also teach you about our mission and vision, values and the various parts of the business. This takes the form of two introductory days, plus spending a day in one of our distribution centres. If you’re going to be working in a distribution centre, we’ll pair you with a mentor who will help and guide you through your first few weeks. If you’re going to be working in one of our stores, you’ll follow a standard introductory programme, managed by your (assistant) store manager. You will also shadow your colleagues, so you can learn how the store works as quickly as possible, and follow various, related, e-learning courses.

Taking responsibility

With all this support, you will soon be ready to take responsibility for your function and make it your own. We offer space for individual entrepreneurship. If you have questions or get stuck, you can always ask someone for help. No matter what your function is, everyone has opportunities to climb the organisation. Want to start?

Do you also want to reach the top? Then come and work at Action. Look here for the vacancy you think will get you there, and apply!