Our audience of millions

Millions of people enter our stores every week. Action fans who then leave with a bag full of great items, every time. And you contribute to making this happen. Every week, we open new stores and so expand our millions-strong audience. This is great for us – and for you, because it means you have lots of opportunities, especially if you are a doer who likes to work with a smile on your face.

Rapidly changing assortment

Our customers also enter our stores with a smile on their faces. Every week, in every store, we have more than 150 new products and over 6,000 items in total, most of them non-food. Our customers are continually surprised, especially as Action enables them to buy more, for less they imagine. This way, we put ‘everyday’ items within everyone’s reach. And our rapid assortment changes are not only fun for our customers, but also for our store employees as well. Every day is a party, because you never know what’s going to come out of the next box. It’s all part of what makes working at Action varied and fun.

Fun shopping

Our extremely low prices and fast-changing assortment build strong customer loyalty. Many items sell out fast, and won’t be restocked, which means you have to be quick to avoid being disappointed. Many customers therefore visit Action several times a week. They see this as fun shopping, because they know they will be surprised by something new. Every time. It’s why our stores have a lot of regular customers.

An audience of millions outside our stores too

Action has legions of loyal customers. And in 2011, one of our most loyal shoppers started a fan page on Facebook. There our followers swap tips about Action products. The page now has nearly 300,000 followers, and similar pages in Germany and France are growing just as fast. So online, too, we also have an audience of millions.

Do you also dream of an audience of millions? Then come and work at Action!