An international environment

Working at Action is very diverse. Action has stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Austria. The main – and most familiar – part of our company are of course our stores. They are supported by the international office in the Netherlands and the country offices in Belgium, France and Germany. Next to that they are daily stocked by our three distribution centers in the Netherlands and France. Action is set to grow even faster and expand more internationally, therefore more distribution centers will be build in the future, which allows us to expand even more in France, Germany, Austria and Poland.

Despite our growth ambitions we value short and open lines of communication and room for personal attention and consultation. At our offices, our colleagues work in a wide variety of (international) positions, therefore our inter language is English.

Working at our offices

Working at an Action office is a great challenge. The rapid growth of our organization allows us to have you advance your career internationally if an opportunity arises. We believe that you contribute to our success and want to invest in your future, the way you invest in ours. We offer several training and development programs, but we also offer customized development programs. The international environment offer you the opportunity to work abroad, but also when you reside nearby you are invited to apply to the vacancy of your choice! We are always looking for professional retail talent that fit our culture and values.

Working in our distribution centre

In terms of logistics, Action is also on the move. Logistically, the Action format acts as a supermarket chain, with a 100% own distribution from our own distribution centres. On a daily basis, over 1200 stores with an average of 40 containers per store are stocked, and the number continues to grow from week to week. The total floor space of 250,000 m2 was no longer  sufficient to facilitate further growth. That is why we have opened distribution centres in Biblis and Toulouse and building more in the future

Our DC’s use wonderful techniques such as voice picking, remote controllable order pick trucks, double-deep pallet processing and double-decker trucks. Working in one of Actions distribution centres is not just your average logistic position. We believe in you and invest in your future. The growth prospects of Action offer plenty opportunities to quickly further your international career. You want to take your career in a new direction, but do not have any logistics experience? Leave it to Action to train you and intensively coach you in/towards your new job. When it comes to logistics Action is “the place to be”!

If you recognize yourself in one of our international jobs, do not hesitate, just apply now!